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Prototyping is a trial model of a product in development. Prototyping dies/parts are usually requested by a customer to produce a small number of components for the functional testing of the vehicle/equipment. These prototype parts are generally produced with low grade steel/epoxy resin slabs (special grade epoxy slabs) in order to reduce the cost & development period of the prototype dies.

A 3D model/drawing of the components is produced on power shape (3D Software).

These models are used to create a machining program of CNC milling center.

Punch & Die is machined on CNC milling center for different processes of the components.

Part is produced on the press & trimming/piercing process is done separately.

We work closely with R&D department of any OEM/Car manufacturer.The prototyping is generally required at the designing stage of any car/module. We work with 1st tier companies at the time of development of there module designing stage.

Our Clients :

UMW Toyota
Proton Sdn Bhd.
IQM Sdn Bhd.
Profen Sdn Bhd.